How To Make It as a
First-Time Entrepreneur

How to Make it as a First-Time Entrepreneur

The Mailing List You Need To Join

September 2, 2008 | Comments Off on The Mailing List You Need To Join

Jason Calacanis

Do yourself a favor and join Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis’s new mailing list.

I know, I also thought mailing lists were dead but, weirdly, Jason retired from blogging.  He now sends out fantastic and practical essays on technology entrepreneurism through his mailing list.  Despite the list being just a few months old, he’s already sent out some must-read essays including:

PR Strategies for Start-Ups

  • Rule number one of interacting with a journalist: you NEVER have to bring up what you’re doing
  • Be in love with your brand; wear a t-shirt with your company’s brand every day
  • Your office space should be a personification of your company’s mission
  • Exactly how a CEO should e-mail and speak to a journalist

How to Demo Your Start-Up Company – Part 1

  • Show your product within the first 60 seconds
  • Talk about what you’ve done, not what you’re going to do
  • How to handle questions you don’t know the answer to

How to Demo Your Start-Up Company – Part 2

  • Use inclusive words like “we”, instead of “you”
  • Four methods to start your demo
  • Repeat your slogan five times in your presentation

You can find standard advice on these topics all over the Internet, but Jason does a fantastic job of giving you intelligent and practical advice.  Get on this mailing list.

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