How To Make It as a
First-Time Entrepreneur

How to Make it as a First-Time Entrepreneur

The Most Helpful Advice I Have Read

May 20, 2009 | Comments Off on The Most Helpful Advice I Have Read

“If you review your first site version and don’t feel embarrassment, you spent too much time on it.

  • Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn

As a pseudo-perfectionist / borderline-OCD’er, I have the hardest time not spending way too much time getting everything to be just right.  This applies to everything:  programming, user interface design and even my commute to work.

Now, whenever I get frustrated that I’m not doing something in the “best possible way”, I just say Reid’s quote to myself and move on.  I’m a much happier / productive person.  I hope his quote will also help you.

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