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How to Make it as a First-Time Entrepreneur

Shake Shack Without the Wait

September 9, 2008 | Comments Off on Shake Shack Without the Wait

For those not in the know, new yorkers have been relaying shake shack line lengths using Twitter through a shake shack account a.k.a Shake Shack Flash Mob.  I decided to take the data created over the last four months and try to answer the question:  When should we try to grab lunch at Shake Shack? After all, no one wants to be in a 60-minute or “third tree” line behind 50 tourists.

Shake Shack Lunch Time

As a quick disclaimer:  While the mob is active, the sample size is too small to time it down to the minute, but the data does seem to point towards the following conclusions:

  • Pre-noon lunch:  Hit-or-miss.  You’d think by scrambling down there before noon you’d be okay, but there’s no guarantee.  Make sure to check the shake shack webcam
  • Post-noon lunch:  Not much data collected but not surprising.  The flash mob knows better than to insult the Shake Shack gods by irreverently trying to grab lunch during lunch-hour
  • Post-3 pm lunch:  This is the ticket. Either starve yourself till then or get a job that allows you to wake up at 11 am
  • General tip:  If it’s raining, cold or really hot, the line will be shorter than usual but don’t be surprised to still find people braving the elements
  • Funniest shake shack tweet goes to ceonyc:  “line very short….swarm! Swarm!”

Who’s graciously tweeting away line lengths?

Here’s the full list of shake shack tweeters:

Shake Shack Twitter Contribution

Update: Eater reblogged this post and pitched the shake shack flash mob.  Nice.

Update2: Thrillist reblogged the post referencing the shake shack flash mob as “vigilante nerds”

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