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How to Make it as a First-Time Entrepreneur

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How to Get Amazon Books Same Day For Free

February 24, 2009 | Comments Off on How to Get Amazon Books Same Day For Free | hacks

Warning:  I’m pretty sure this is wrong — potentially legally, but certainly ethically.

Everyone knows that when you buy a book, you can either pick it up at your local bookstore today or you can save around $10 on Amazon and get it delivered for free in a week or two.  But, there’s a sneaky way to get your book that same day while still paying the Amazon price.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Buy the book at Barnes and Noble / Borders / your local bookstore and save the receipt
  2. Order the same book on Amazon and get free delivery (which should be about a week or so)
  3. When the Amazon book arrives, return the Amazon book to your local bookstore

Note:  Make sure to confirm that the ISBN numbers are the same on the version you buy from Amazon and your local bookstore.

Yes, it’s wrong and it’s bad.  I don’t think people should do this; local bookstores are struggling as it is.  But, if you are in a bind of some reason, a literary emergency, this may be for you.

One last caution:  I can’t guarantee this will work for you, but I do know that it works.  Also, worst case scenario, you can just return the book to Amazon.

Use Google Latitude To Find Your Missing Phone

February 6, 2009 | Comments Off on Use Google Latitude To Find Your Missing Phone | hacks

Google Latitude

Google’s new Latitude service is a way to keep tabs on your friends, but next time you lose your phone, Latitude will become your best friend – a phone tracking device.

Aside from working on your mobile phone as part of their maps application, Google Latitude can also be viewed from a web browser off your iGoogle home page.  So, next time you lose your phone, just log on to Google and see where your phone is currently claiming it is.  It’s LoJack but free!

Everyone should install Google Latitude just for this tracking service. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your location with your friends, don’t.  Just sign up for the service, don’t add any friends, and you’ll be the only person that can see where your phone is. 

Facebook Stalker Tip

September 1, 2008 | Comments Off on Facebook Stalker Tip | hacks

If you have been stalking on Facebook lately, you have noticed that the advaned profile search lets you specify what year a person graduated but not what school they went to.  Weird and annoying.

Profile Advaned Search

But, nothing to fear fellow stalkers, you can actually narrow down by the school people went to.  It’s not a facebook feature, it’s a very simple facebook hack.

Perform an advaned profile search as you normally would in your geographic network.  When the results come up, and you only want to see people who went to Emory, then you just add “&ed=Emory” (without the quotes) to the end of the page’s url and hit enter.  Voila, the results are now filtered by school as well.

College Search

If the college you are looking for has a space in the name, like Penn State, then you just add “&ed=Penn+State”.

Get all your stalking done before Facebook fixes this.